A Broader Mind Course Track A

Dit vak wordt in het Engels aangeboden. Omschrijvingen kunnen daardoor mogelijk alleen in het Engels worden weergegeven.

Doel vak

This course challenges the participants to explore personal and societal
issues that they encounter in everyday life.
In groups with students from different faculties the participants
discuss themes like ‘success’, ‘poverty’, ‘digitalization’, ‘health &
happiness’, ‘worldviews’, ‘sustainability’, ‘your body’ and ‘rebellion’.
Expert input is provided digitally, followed by meet-ups and personal
Participants acquire new personal skills, learn to explore issues in an
interdisciplinary perspective and get a fresh perspective on today’s
societal challenges.

Inhoud vak

This course is designed by students for students, with input from
professors, researchers and other enthusiastic members of staff at Vrije
Universiteit Amsterdam.
The topics are chosen by students based on their own experience and on
the challenges that our society faces right now.
The A Broader Mind course focuses on personal development and learning
how to deal with social and academic challenges.
In this interdisciplinary, blended program (including both digital and
physical learning), you will sharpen personal, academic and professional
skills: learning to reflect on social issues, on personal life choices,
on your career plans and on how you want to contribute to today’s
The topics that are going to be discussed are dealing with the digital
world, determining what success means to you, sustainable lifestyles,
and living together with people from very different cultural and
religious backgrounds. Students can participate in one of the two A
Broader Mind tracks (and take the other track next year).

Track A consists of the themes Success & Failure, Poverty, Human Body
and Rebellion.
Track B consists of the themes Viewpoints & Worldview, Digital World,
Health & Happiness and Sustainability.


The core of this programme is an innovative online course in Canvas, in
combination with various real-life activities. You will be assigned to
an A Broader Mind group with a stimulating mix of students drawn from
all of the participating faculties and study programmes. Your learning
experience will be enriched by an A Broader Mind Guide: an enthusiastic
senior student who will help you during the course, provide you with
feedback on the assignments and guidance during offline meetups.


Study load: 40 hours (± 3 hours per week).

Six offline meetups on Tuesdays or Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:45.

Online activities can be completed in your own time.

Kick-off: Wednesday 05 Feb 2010 for both Tracks and all groups.

You will receive a certificate for successfully completing the course.


Participating in the online and offline activities and completing and
presenting to your fellow group members a creative final assignment for
which there is a range of options.


Study material will be made available on Canvas.


Bachelor’s students from all faculties of the VU.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

1. Select the track you would like to follow and sign up: Track A (W_ABM_CTA): Succes & Failure, Poverty, Human Body and Rebellion; Track B (W_ABM_CTB): Viewspoints & Worldview, Health & Happiness, Digital World and Sustanability 2. Choose whether you would like to be part of a group on Tuesday or Wednesday evening for the six offline meetups (18/19 Feb., 25/26 Feb., 3/4 Mar., 7/8 Apr., 28/29 Apr., 12/13 May)

Algemene informatie

Vakcode W_ABM_CTA
Studiepunten 0 EC
Periode P4+5
Vakniveau 100
Onderwijstaal Engels
Examinator prof. dr. G.J. Buijs
Docenten prof. dr. G.J. Buijs

Praktische informatie

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Werkvormen Werkcollege, Werkgroep*

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