Cognitive Neuroscience

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Introduction to the field of cognitive neuroscience: understanding the
biological mechanisms underlying cognitive processes such as learning
and memory, discussing recent developments in the field with leading
scientists, and acquiring knowledge on how the brain, and its different
cell types, function.

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In the first course of this Minor, you will learn the basics of
cognitive neuroscience through a series of introductory lectures on
brain function
and (dysfunctional) cognitive behavior. More specifically, we will
teach you the structure and function of the major building blocks of the
brain, ranging from single cells to neuronal networks, and from emotion
to motor control. We combine workshops and keynote lectures, delivered
renowned neuroscientists, to discuss recent advances in the field of
learning and memory, brain plasticity,
and brain disease (e.g., Angelman syndrome, OCD).
Finally, you will learn about and experience various technical
approaches to measure the brain (e.g., histology) in hands-on


Lectures 25 hours 44% 2.6 ECTS
Workshops 16 hours 28% 1.7 ECTS
Practicals 6 hours 11% 0.7 ECTS
Keynote lectures 8 hours 14% 0.8 ECTS
Quiz 2 hours 3% 0.2 ECTS

Total 57 hours 100% 6.0 ECTS


Written exam & assignments

Vereiste voorkennis

No special requirements.


Recent literature, to be announced at the start of the course.

Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience
Carlson, Neil R.
(9th edition)

Exam material:
CH2, CH3, CH5, CH6 (pg. 136 - 146), CH7 & CH12


Open to students from all educational backgrounds (e.g., exact, social,
life and economic sciences) with an interest in the brain and mind.

Overige informatie

Coordinators: Christiaan de Kock and Sophie van der Sluis.
No special requirements to be met.
Part of minor Brain and Mind.
This minor course requires a minimum of 25 participants to take place.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode AB_1056
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. S. van der Sluis
Examinator dr. S. van der Sluis
Docenten dr. H.K.E. Vervaeke
dr. S. van der Sluis
prof. dr. S. Spijker
dr. C.P.J. de Kock

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege, Werkgroep, Computerpracticum, Practicum