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Improved insight and motivation in terms to your chosen study, related
to your career.
- To prepare yourself best as possible with regards to a Master study or
job market.
- To distinct yourself from any other, by cultivating your talents and
- To utilize your study to the maximum.
- To increase your individual quality, professionalism, personal
effectivity and productivity.

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During the second year of your study, you probably start to think about
whether to choose a Master or maybe how to prepare yourself for the
labour market. But how? And with what? Where to start? How to choose
what is good for you? Are your current academic skills enough, and how
to be a distinctive character compared to others? Because you as a
future graduate will be called on for much more than technical skills
and understanding only, particularly when it comes to consultancy and
communicative issue’s, so building your confidence is key; specially
when you’re up against social competition and taking an active role now,
is the best strategy.
Study & Career designs your theoretical and practical career growth and
development, in combination with your study, career and ambitions. It
develops your understanding and assessment of your chosen study in
relation to the current and future practice by developing your
initiative and leadership qualities, according to your choice of study
in relation to your personal goals; Because when you want to make
important study and career decisions, you got to start programming your
professionalism and personal effectiveness today.
During this period, you will follow 12 hours of mandatory workshops, all
in favour of your improved insight and motivation, in correlation to
your study & practice as the best possible preparation for your upcoming
future(now) awareness and job placement. After the end of the period
you’ll effectively stand from the crowd, excluded from your academic
skills and know-how: you’ll be aware of ‘who you are’, where your
strengths have been hiding, which talents you can or should cultivate
and more importantly: how to express them effectively getting the best
out of your chosen study.


During this period you will participate in hearing lectures, however
more than half the time you will be actively invited to engage in
interactive personal sessions and exercises. Along the period you will
actively work on your own individual ‘dashboard’, visualizing your
strengths, character, added values, cooperation and where you should
invest your efforts, growing into a young professional. During school
hours, the program will assist you in doing so. Before the end of the
period, your dashboard is completed and will be mandatory to an
effectuated and finalized workshop session.
Workshops will focus on Communication, Planning & Organisation, Drive &
Motivation, Problem solving and Teamwork: all subject to the focus of
your distinctive character but also of your future employer.
Lecture stretch: 2 hours, in groups between 15-20 fellow students, for a
period of 6 weeks. (During assessment week(s) Study & Career won’t be
scheduled in favour of your exam preparation) Workshop sessions are
touching on the nature of your study: Computer Science students may
expect special attention to Communication and Teamwork, while IMM
students will get more involved with consulting issue’s and Artificial
Intelligence students to Problem solving: each study along the specific
need of the group and its individual.


Study & Career does not test you by an exam to confirm whether you
succeeded or not. You and your dashboard will be representing your
individual growth, your individual quality, professionalism, personal
effectivity and productivity.


Study & Career does not require any literature, however recommends:
Covey, S. R. (1989) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. New York,
United States of America: Free Press.
Hyatt, M. (2018) Your Best Year Ever: A 5-step Plan for Achieving Your
Most Important Goals. Grand Rapids, United States of America: Baker
Lewis, M. (2018) When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You
Want. New York, United States of America: Picador.
Pfeffer, J. (2018) Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms
Employee Health and Company Performance—and What We Can Do About It. New
York, United States of America: Harper-Collins Publishers.
Sutton, R. I., Rao, H. (2014) Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More
Without Settling for Less. New York, United States of America: Crown
Krumboltz, J., Levin A. (2004) Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of
Happenstance In Your Life and Career. Atascadero, United States of
America: Impact Publishers.

Overige informatie

You won’t receive any EC’s as a result of finalizing Study & Career:
reason is because this program focuses on your individual growth,
effort, discipline and the will to actively invest in your own future:
therefore one has to question him/herself if EC’s would contribute to a
distinctive build and individual character.

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