Academic Skills Lab

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Knowledge and understanding - The student has acquired knowledge and
understanding of:
(1) the various fields and topics of anthropology as a discipline.

Application - The student has acquired the competences to:
(2) formulate a scientific research question, and to make an analysis of
a concrete societal problem based on a literature study and/or original

Making judgements - The student is able to;
(3) understand the complexity of societal questions of cultural
diversity and change;
(4) demonstrate an academic attitude: the willingness to test hypotheses
and theories;
(5) reflect upon the possibilities and limitations of scientific
theories and research, in particular anthropological theories and
ethnographic research;
(6) intellectual integrity.

Communication - The student has acquired the skills to:
(7) present research results in an accessible manner, both orally and in
writing, to colleagues and a broader audience.

Learning skills - The student is able to:
(8) collaborate in group, working toward a common goal.

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In the Academic Skills Lab you will learn to understand humans in
relation to social and cultural contexts by using anthropological
concepts. To accomplish this you will develop skills to study and
analyse anthropological literature and relate it to particular contexts,
situations, or groups. You will also learn to present literature and
complete skills assignments, and you will learn to collaborate with your
fellow students.


Classes consist of a mixture of working groups and plenary lectures (3 x
2 hours per week). It is mandatory to attend the working group meetings.
You are allowed to skip two working groups and one mentor group meeting.
If you miss more than two working groups, 1 point (per missed working
group meeting) will be deducted from your final grade. If you are absent
more than three times, you will be excluded from the course. There will
be two literature assignments per week.


Your assessment is based on six assignments, including the writing of a
final essay (see Academic Skills Lab course manual).


Spradley, J., & McCurdy, D.W. (2008).Conformity and conflict. Readings
to accompany Miller,Cultural Anthropology. Fourth edition. Boston, etc.:

Additional literature to be annouced in the course manual (see CANVAS).


1st year bachelor students Cultural Anthropology and Development

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Part of Academic Core and Academic Skills.

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In this course you can not enroll yourself for the tutorials, but you will be assigned by the course coordinator. Note: You do have to register for the course, with the corresponding parts!

Algemene informatie

Vakcode S_ASL
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 100
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. G. Sinatti
Examinator dr. G. Sinatti
Docenten dr. G. Sinatti
dr. E. van Roekel

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Werkvormen Deeltoets extra zaalcapaciteit, Studiegroep*

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