Oral History & Biography

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This course aims to prepare you towards your combined skills to conduct
and present the results of both oral historical and biographical
historical research.

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Learning goals and summary of course content A practical and short, one-
month course to learn and try out skills of biographical and oral
history research methods. This year the course will be co-taught by
professor Dawn Skorczewski and dr. Monica Soeting. Their focus will be
on developments in writing political biographies, literary biographies,
and on emotions in oral history and memory. The course is focused on
practical assignments. By the end of this course you will be able to: •
Find and increase your knowledge and insight from lectures, academic
books and journal articles about oral history and about the biographical
method. • Apply this knowledge independently in assignments. • Find,
analyse and critically apply the use of existing interviews and
biographical texts as research data • Prepare and conduct an oral
history interview, transcribe your interview, and write a short report
including a critical evaluation of your work. • Show and discuss
fragments of a biographical portrait of a person that you have


The course is a seminar with practical assignments.


Assignments in biographical writing, and in arranging, conducting,
transcribing and presenting an interview. Depending on the number of
students registering, there may be an in-course written exam included
based on the course readings.


Lynn Abrams, Oral History Theory. (2016). Additional articles will be
made available to students at the start of the course.


2nd and 3rd year BA students in history

Overige informatie

The course coordination this year will be by professor Dawn Skorczewski,
of Amsterdam University College and Brandeis University. Dr. Monica
Soeting is co-teaching the course.

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Academic writing and research skills (ACVA) positive result is required.

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Vakcode L_AABAGES208
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 200
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator D.M. skorczewski
Examinator D.M. skorczewski
Docenten D.M. skorczewski
dr. D.G. Hondius

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Werkvormen Werkcollege, Hoorcollege

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