Applications in Food and Nutrition Security Analysis

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After successfully completing this course:
- The student can explain the need for inter/transdisciplinary research
in Food and Nutrition Security Studies;
- The student is able to critically reflect on choices of design in
inter/transdisciplinary research (in the field of Food and Nutrition
Security Studies);
- The student is able to conduct an inter/transdisciplinary project in
relation to Food and Nutrition Security
* The student is able to find and integrate different relevant
literature sources
* The student is able to conduct interviews that contribute to research
* The student can analyse qualitative data in such a way that it
contributes to the research project
* The student is able to integrate qualitative data with data from
literature review and/or analysis of secondary quantitative data
* The student is able to translate research findings into evidence
informed policy advice
- The student has improved his/her capacity as a professional
* The student can work effectively together with other students in a
project team
* The student is able to coordinate and plan a inter/transdisciplinary
project in such a way that deadlines are kept and the quality of the
products are in relation with time invested
* The student is able to highlight the results of and defend the
recommendations proposed in the inter/transdisciplinary research in a
video-based presentation
* The student is able to write a policy advisory report that is coherent
and covers the research

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Food and nutrition security (FNS) is a key priority in development
cooperation and central to broader debates on environmental and social
sustainability. FNS not only focuses on building resilience to food
crises and ensuring that not one is left hungry, it also battles the
alarming increase in obesity in the developed world. Both malnutrition
and obesity are the result of a complex system of factors, including
economic, agro-ecological, technical, health and cultural aspects.
Resolving the complex problem of FNS therefore requires an
interdisciplinary approach, in which actors from different disciplines
and with different backgrounds, including the people who are
undernourished or obese, cooperate.This course will focus on the
analytical and practical skills necessary to conduct such a
inter/transdisciplinary approach in formulating a evidence-informed
policy advice. To train these skills, you will be part of a project team
that will work on a real-life assignment to develop a evidence informed
policy advise to address a specific problem in food and nutrition


The course load equals 40 hours a week, this means that when no lecture,
training or meeting with the coach is scheduled, you are expected to
work on the project. Forms of tuition include lectures, workgroups/
training workshops, project work, and a presentation session.


The course grade is based on the group grades for the report and the
video presentation and an individual assessment of the performance in
the project. To pass, all parts have to be concluded with the grade of
5.5 or higher. Your final mark is built up as follows:
- Report that reflects the research: 35% of the total grade;
- Video presentation of the results of the research: 25% of the total
- Individual performance: 40% of the total grade.


This course is part of the minor Global Food Security Studies. However,
also students from other studies who are interested in transdisciplinary
approaches towards Food and Nutrition Security are invited to
participate in the course.

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Vakcode E_MG_AFNSA
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P3
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Vakcoördinator dr. R. de Wildt-Liesveld MSc
Examinator dr. R. de Wildt-Liesveld MSc
Docenten dr. R. de Wildt-Liesveld MSc

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