B-these Sociale en Organisatiepsychologie


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The learning goals of the study element B-thesis are:
(1) Being able to find, render, analyze and integrate academic
(2) Being able to formulate a problem and hypotheses;
(3) Being able to design, implement, describe, and understand a
methodology with which hypotheses can be tested;
(4) Knowing to choose the right analytical techniques and learning to
work with these techniques;
(5) Adequately reporting the analyses;
(6) Being able to discuss research findings;
(7) Being able to write a clear and well-structured research report; and
(8) Being able to critically reflect on research in the area of the
organizational or social psychologist.

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The last study element of the bachelor program is the bachelor thesis,
in short the B-thesis. In groups of max. 5 students and under
supervision of a member of the Department of Social and Organizational
Psychology, students set up and conduct an empirical study on a subject
in S&O Psychology. Based on this research, a report will be written in
the form of the B-thesis.


The study component B-thesis has a size of 12 ECTS, and takes place
mainly in the periods 5 and 6. Some students may begin working on the
project earlier, depending on the specific supervisor. During the B-
thesis project, students will work their way through (almost) the entire
empirical cycle. They make a choice for a research question, investigate
relevant literature, work out this question into testable hypotheses,
develop the set-up of the research and write a research proposal. Some
B-thesis students will work with readily available data, other B-
students will collect the data themselves. However, all students will
analyze the self-collected or readily available data themselves and
write an individual thesis.


Empirical study
Bachelor Theses are written as empirical study reports. The standard for
such reports is also given by the Publication Manual of the APA. They
are typically structured as follows: Introduction, methods, results,
discussion, conclusion, and literature (references).

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Om te kunnen intekenen en deel te nemen aan de B-these dienen alle
vakken uit het eerste jaar van de Bachelor Psychologie gehaald te zijn.

Algemene informatie

Studiepunten 12 EC
Periode P5+6
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Nederlands / Engels
Faculteit Fac. der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetensch.
Vakcoördinator A.R. Cook
Examinator dr. B.M. Armenta Gutierrez MSc

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