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Sustainable Energy Sciences that play a role in providing new fuels and
related technologies are taught in this course and displayed in full
economic, business and innovation context. Teams map an assigned
alternative fuel technology from a full set of perspectives, including a
trend analyses focusing on latest publications, build a long range
scenario and present an entrepreneurial opportunity or societal impact
study in alternative fuels/solutions.

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Innovation Project Alternative Fuels (IAF) is the fourth and last team
based project in the Innovation track in the Bachelor SBI program. The
case researched in IAF is that of the fuels that provide alternatives to
fossil derived fuels and other technologies targeting reduction of

IAF consists of three stages:
1. Situation analysis: teams of students explore the
entire field of an assigned fuel/solutions in a contextual perspective,
including trend analyses, economics, business, environmental and
infrastructure. Teams present their results in a report that after a
feedback round will be made
available to all teams.
2. Scenario planning: based on analysis outcomes teams will develop a
specific long range
future scenario, and make also this study available to all other teams.
3. Each team develops a business opportunity or societal impact study
for a fuel/solution and presents this plan in a report and orally to
other teams.
All stages will be reviewed by other teams after which an improved
version of the report need to be handed in briefly. At that point,
teamcoaches will review the report after which an improved and final
version need to be uploaded.

All Parts will be introduced by lecturers, including from outside
academia, with focus on fuel science and technology including physical
and chemical constraints, life cycle assessments and transition theory.


Lectures by VU scientists, guest lectures. Teamwork with individual


Reports during the three parts of the course. Team and individual scores
for each part need to be sufficient to pass this course.

Vereiste voorkennis

Voor SBI studenten: Fysica en Medische Fysica 1 (X_430060) of Fysica 1:
Mechanica voor SBI (X_430068)


Energy Science - Andrews and Jelly
Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air - MacKay
Various articles form scientific journals and expert reports


Open to VU and UvA advanced Chemistry and Physics Bachelor students

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For 2 SBI: final IAF grades will be issued only when Tutoraat II has
been completed.

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All students participating in this course need to be present at the first lecture of this course.

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Sustainable Energy courses: Sun Wind & Water and Biomass & Biofuels,
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Vakcode X_420226
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P6
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Nederlands
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. R.N. Frese
Examinator dr. R.N. Frese
Docenten dr. R.N. Frese
dr. M.L. Blankesteijn
J. Houtkamp MSc

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