Accounting and Control


This is the study guide of the part-time master Accounting and Control. 

All business enterprises, governmental entities and not-for-profit organizations rely on accounting systems to produce essential information for management, control, informing external investors and for accountability. Such systems operate in complex settings involving both institutions and markets. The Master Accounting and Control prepares you to embark on a career as preparer, user, or auditor of accounting information. By considering the technical aspects of accounting in relation to the institutional setting, in relation with ongoing developments in information technology and in the light of relevant academic research, you will learn to consider issues in accounting and control at an advanced academic level. Throughout the programme, you are encouraged to reflect on issues of responsibility for accounting information, including integrity, ethics and compliance.

The Master’s programme in Accounting and Control is offered in a full-time and a part-time version. The two versions are identical in terms of learning outcomes, course content and assessment, but may differ with respect to the scheduling and teaching formats. The full-time programme is taught in English. Class language in the part-time programme is mostly Dutch. 


Niveau Master
Taal Nederlands
Duur 2 years
Vorm Deeltijd
Studiepunten 60 EC
Faculteit School of Business and Economics
Parttime Master Accounting and Control - Transitional arrangements
Per 2018-2019 a number of curriculum changes have been implemented.
Underneath the courses that are not lectured anymore, and for which only
students who followed the course in 2017-2018, but haven’t succeeded,
one extra opportunity will be given to succeed the course.

Take a look at the introduction page of this study guide for more
information as well as a complete overview of the transitional
Naam vak Periode Credits Code
Control and Audit P1 6EC E_PTACC_CABS