Cognitive Psychology and its Applications

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The course aims to provide an overview of cognitive psychology and its

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The course covers a number of central principles from the area of
cognitive psychology and how these principles can be applied in the
design of modern man-machine systems including human-computer systems. A
variety of topics will be discussed such as mental workload, decision-
making, driving behavior, route finding, medical decision-making and
display design. The students will understand the role of human cognitive
capabilities and limitations in the design of products, work places, and
large systems. They will get acquainted with main areas of human
factors and with main theories and findings on human performance. They
will understand where in the process to apply knowledge and what methods
can be used to analyze human performance. They will also learn how to
approach and solve an applied problem in man-machine systems.


Lectures (~18 hours) and practical assignments (~6 hours)


Practical research assignment and presentation (30%), Open-end exam
(70%). Practical eye tracking assignment (Pass/Fail) These
evaluations are independent from each other and cannot be used to
compensate for one another. An improved version of the research
assignment can be used for re-examination. A resit is needed for the
open-end exam. These components can be re-examined separately.


An introduction to Human Factors Engineering (2013) by Wickens et al.


The course Cognitive Psychology and its Applications will be part of the
new RM Socially Aware Computing (FEW)

Overige informatie

The course Cognitive Psychology and its Applications is a core course in
the newly developed RM Socially Aware Artificial Intelligence (AI, FEW)
which will start 2016/2017. Two core qualifications of a graduate with a
Master Diploma in Socially Aware Artificial Intelligence are: -"Has
basic knowledge of physiological, psychological, or social aspects of
human functioning that can be exploited in Socially Aware Artificially
Intelligent systems." -"Has in-depth knowledge, insight and skills in at
least one area of the human-oriented disciplines, e.g. Clinical and
Cognitive Psychology, Social Sciences, Movement Sciences, Criminology,
or Medicine." The course Cognitive Psychology and its Applications
contributes to these two qualifications.

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Vakcode XM_40010
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoƶrdinator dr. A.V. Belopolskiy
Examinator dr. A.V. Belopolskiy
Docenten dr. A.V. Belopolskiy

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