Literature thesis Biomedical Sciences

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The literature thesis has the aim to reflect on scientific literature.
In a total
of 6 weeks (full time), the student specializes in a certain topic by
gathering and analyzing (recent) scientific articles and other
literature that can be included in the literature research. The student
can decide the topic of the thesis.

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The 9 EC literature thesis is a compulsory part of the Master's
programme in Biomedical
Sciences. The topic of the thesis needs to match one of the student’s


Literature thesis, under supervision of VU-staff.


The assessment of the literature thesis is undertaken by the VU-
supervisor and an optional second supervisor.
The literature thesis is assessed on the following aspects:
• execution of the thesis
• final report/review
• oral presentation

Vereiste voorkennis

We advice you to have finished at least all the specific courses, and
preferrably also the internship, of the research specialization of which
this thesis is part.


MSc Biomedical Sciences students

Overige informatie

Detailed information can be found in the guidelines and
in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER).

It is not allowed for your literature thesis and internships to take
place on the same or on a highly similar subject.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

Every literature thesis has to be approved by the masters’ coordinator in advance (on behalf of the examination board). The guidelines for the literature thesis describe the process of completing the literature thesis from the beginning (the admission) through the actual execution with its supervision to the final stage (assessment and grading) in consecutive order. The various stages of the process will be supported by forms.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode AM_471135
Studiepunten 9 EC
Periode Ac. Jaar (sept)
Vakniveau 600
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. R.J. van Belle-van den Berg
Examinator dr. R.J. van Belle-van den Berg

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