Research Seminar - International Business Law

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Students attending this course will be able to:

1. Recognize and apply different methodologies and methods in law, with
application to the field of international business law
2. (Critically) read and analyse law and scholarly legal writings
3. Differentiate between authoritative and non-authoritative sources
4. Use critical analysis in their own writings
5. Identify a research area of interest, a research topic / problem in
that area and possible legal research question(s)
6. Explain the significance, background, objectives and rationale of the
research topic
7. Identify and apply the relevant methodology and method(s) most
suitable to the research question and sub-questions
8. Write a research proposal in preparation to the master thesis
9. Present skilfully in front of an audience written academic work

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The course is designed around the central objective of this course, i.e.
to prepare the students for academic level of reading, writing and oral
presentations suitable for a master’s level. The course has a double

A theoretical part: to teach students the relevant legal methodologies
and methods applicable in the field of international business law as
taught in the programme

A practical part: to refine the students’ academic skills with reference
to (critical) reading (law and scholarly work), writing (essays, problem
questions and dissertations) and oral presentation skills in preparation
for the master thesis


Students receive their final grade, from 1-10, on the basis of the
following assesments:
Class participation 25% (No unexplained absence and contribution to
group exercises)
Assignment 25% (self-sufficient, academic content)
Presentation 50% (50% academic content of research proposal
and 50% presentation skills)


The reading materials will be provided via Canvas.

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The Master’s graduate has thorough knowledge and understanding of the
main areas of international business law.

The Master’s graduate understands the relationships between the main
areas of international business law and recognizes which legal issues
are involved and how these influence each other.

The Master’s graduate knows who the actors of the international business
law environment are and how they interact with each other, while
acknowledging legal and cultural differences. The Master’s graduate
understands the role of governments and the horizontal economic
relationships between them, the vertical relationship between them and
private business and, finally, the horizontal relationships between
private companies. Consequently, the graduate discerns the legal
position of various parties and understands how the conduct of these
parties can influence legal positions.

The Master’s graduate possesses analytical skills to apply acquired
knowledge and insights to concrete problems in the area of IBL.

The Master’s graduate ‘translates’ practical problems into legally
manageable problems.

The Master’s graduate can analyse and assess scholarly literature, case
law and legal and policy documents and critically reflect upon them

The Master’s graduate shows evidence of an independent, critical
attitude with regard to existing theories and knowledge.

The Master’s graduate possesses the necessary knowledge of research
methodologies in international law and the necessary research skills to
independently prepare and carry out a jurisprudential study of some
size. The Master’s graduate can critically assess the value of research
findings, draw conclusions from them and relate research results to
theoretical debates within the domain and adjust them when necessary.

The Master’s graduate should be able to analyse complex issues in
relation to international business and make useful legal
recommendations. A Master’s graduate can formulate an independent and
well-substantiated opinion on complex legal issues and take a
substantiated position within the existing debates on various
international business law topics.

The Master’s graduate should have the ability to present orally and/or
in writing the setup, research methodology, theoretical foundations and
findings of their research to both experts and non-experts. The Master’s
graduate has a good command of English legal terms which are used within
international business law.

The Master’s graduate has a self-critical attitude that enables them to
independently acquire new knowledge and to improve their analytical,
research and communicative skills.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode R_RSIBL
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 500
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
Vakcoördinator I.C. Ciobanasu LLM
Examinator I.C. Ciobanasu LLM
Docenten I.C. Ciobanasu LLM
mr. dr. R. Mellenbergh
mr. F.M. Gilligan
dr. H.M.G. Denters
prof. dr. M.R.F. Senftleben

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