Politics of International Heritage

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After this course students will…
1. Have knowledge of the relationships between spatial heritage and
challenges of sustainability and climate change;
2. Be able to apply these concepts to a self-chosen case-study, to such
an extent that they are able to relate a practical challenge to the
course lectures and literature;
3. Be able to actively question heritage practices during a
self-organised field trip;
4. Be able to write a substantial academic essay in which they
critically assess the interrelationship of heritage, climate change and
5. Are able to provide, receive and process constructive feedback on the
essays they are writing.

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Climate change is constantly in the news. They are highly political
topics that have impact on daily living environments. Historic buildings
are transformed to reduce emissions through insulation, glazing and
climate control. Historic landscapes are under pressure of climate
adaptation measures (such as heightened dikes) and measures we see as
part of the energy transition, for example wind and solar parks.
Students will learn more about how cultural heritage can be integrated
in these urgent threats and ambitions. They will return to the roots of
how we perceive the relationship between nature and culture and the deep
history of human influence on the environment. And learn that heritage
is key to interpreting the societal significance of climate change.


- Lecture series on the introduction of concepts: international
heritage, sustainability and climate change
- Fieldtrip led by students themselves
- Writing an essay, on the same subject as the fieldtrip
- In-class discussion of writing process, including feedback and


20% Active participation in in-class discussions, and review sessions,
including preparations for lectures
30% Organization and presentation during field trip
50% Individual essay

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Vakcode L_AAMAERF008
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator dr. L.R. Egberts
Examinator dr. L.R. Egberts
Docenten prof. dr. J. Renes
dr. L.R. Egberts

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