Biography of Landscape

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Doel vak

• Understanding the development of “biographical approaches” to
landscape research in geography and archaeology from 1979 onwards
• Understanding different concepts of authorship and “layerdness”
in landscapes
• Knowledge of different geographical, anthropological, historical
and archaeological perspectives on the long-term history and temporality
of landscapes
• Competence in working with these theoretical concepts in specific
case studies, thereby developing interesting and useful narratives for
the present-day (public) understanding and transformation of landscapes
• Competence in combining and integrating different sources
(archaeological, historical, art historical) in the study of landscapes

Inhoud vak

In heritage practices the disciplines which are dealing with culture
historical heritage (archaeology, history of architecture and
historical geography), are confronted more and more with each other's
knowledge in cases of advising about management, preservation and reuse
of the historical landscape. The term 'landscape biography' can offer a
common approach. In the lectures the term will be explained in a
theoretical concept and placed in the perspectives of the three
disciplines mentioned above. Analyzing a number texts the
students get acquainted with differing in the interpretations of the
and learn to practice it in an essay on a topic that is self-chosen but
also approved
by the course coordinator.


Seminar and discussions; 2-4 hours a week


Assignments, discussions, obliged attendance

Vereiste voorkennis

bachelor in history, geography, archaeologie, history of architecture
and studies related with heritage that are positively decided upon by
the Exam Committee


Will be communicated later


masterstudents Heritage Studies and students of other Heritage programa
at a masterlevel. Master students Archaeology of ACASA

Overige informatie

Attending lectures mandatory.
Costs: literature and excursions ca. € 50,=.

Algemene informatie

Vakcode L_BAMAARC010
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. J. Renes
Examinator prof. dr. J. Renes
Docenten prof. dr. J. Renes
prof. dr. N.G.A.M. Roymans
prof. dr. R. van der Laarse

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Werkvormen Werkcollege, Excursie

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