Internal Medicine

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The primary learning objective of the course is to stimulate knowledge
and skills related to research within the broad discipline of internal

Upon completing the module, students are able to:
• critically appraise scientific literature and research design (e.g.,
with regard to internal medicine and drug research)
• give a scientific (poster) presentation and write scientifically
(e.g., mini paper, research proposal)
• debate on the roles of the pharmaceutical industry, the government and
healthcare professionals in (drug) research in internal medicine

A further specification of the objectives of the 6 courses of the module
can be found on CANVAS.

Inhoud vak

Internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention,
diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Internal medicine is a broad
discipline, covering various fields such as acute medicine,
cardiovascular aging & geriatrics, clinical pharmacology and
therapeutics, diabetes & cardiovascular disease, transgender medicine
and endocrinology. The VUmc Department of Internal Medicine is a leading
center with expertise in the fields of academic research and (complex &
multidisciplinary) clinical care. The discipline of internal medicine
intersects with many other fields in medicine and this reflected in the
minor courses offered within this module. The module aims to give both a
broader and deeper appreciation of issues relevant to internal medicine
within both fields of research and clinical care, otherwise often
neglected in the Bachelor’s program. The Department of Internal Medicine
collaborates with numerous with numerous other departments in carrying
out clinical research and is part of a large number of research
institutes, such as ICAR-VU, Cancer Centre, EMGO and LEARN.
Participants can choose 3 out of the following 6 courses within the
module. In this way, students create their own “personal track.” We will
try to organize the track in such a way that as many first choices can
be allocated.
Students choose 3 of the following 6 courses within the module:
● Acute internal medicine
● Cardiovascular aging and geriatrics
● Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
● Diabetes & cardiovascular disease
● Transgender medicine: multidisciplinary patient care and research
● Endocrinology: “much to be known about bone”
Activities during the module include, amongst others: CATs (Critical
Appraisal of a Topic), debates, research protocols, site visits , mini
reviews and the formulation of new RQ’s (research questions).
Bonus activity
In addition to the research-related activities in the module, students
are given the opportunity to work (for a few hours) in real practice in
one of the Student-Run Clinics (SRC)–with real responsibility for
patient care! Themes addressed in the SRC include, for example,
hypothyroidism in pregnant women, adverse drug reactions (in
collaboration with LAREB), transgender care and polypharmacy (in older


Lectures, practicals, working groups


The courses will be assessed through a wide variety of exams and
assignments, such as scientific (mini)papers and presentations,
scientific poster presentations, scientific literature assignments,
real-life assignments (e.g. with CBG/LAREB), group assignments (e.g.
debate), written exams (open-ended questions/MC), simulation-based
scenarios, the performing of a debriefing and scenario-based training
assignments. More details will be given at the start of the minor


An overview of the study material is placed on CANVAS.


Bachelor students of VUmc School of Medical Sciences and external (and
international) students with a (bio)medical background.

Afwijkende intekenprocedure

Before the start of the semester, students will be invited to select their preferred minor track. However, the Institute of Education and Training (IET) will make a final selection based on both student preferences and availability in the different tracks. Once you have been selected for a track, the IET will make sure you’re registered for all educational activities such as study groups, courses, and exams. Important: Please be aware that in the case that you do not pass an exam, you will NOT be automatically registered for a re-examination, and will need to do this yourself. In order to sign up to resit an examination, you will need to apply no later than 2 weeks before the re-examination through the form “Re-take Exam Bachelor of Medicine.”

Toelichting Canvas

This course is supported by a corresponding CANVAS course, which
contains all of the required information of this course including an
overview of the required articles and assignments. The CANVAS course
will also be used to post announcements relevant to the course. You will
automatically have access to the CANVAS course.

Aanbevolen voorkennis

General medical knowledge and interest in research in the broad field of
internal medicine

Algemene informatie

Vakcode M_BIM16
Studiepunten 18 EC
Periode Semester 1
Vakniveau 300
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit VUmc
Vakcoördinator J. Tichelaar BSc
Examinator J. Tichelaar BSc
Docenten dr. R.T. de Jongh
M.J. Bakkum MA
M.O. Reumerman
dr. M.A. van Agtmael
drs. M.C. Vlot

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Werkvormen Hoorcollege, Studiegroep, Practicum