Minor Earth and Climate

Deze opleiding wordt aangeboden in het Engels. Sommige van de omschrijvingen zijn daarom mogelijk alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.

This minor focuses on the study of System Earth (land, ocean, atmosphere) and the impact of climate and man on the natural system. You will study the following aspects such as: 

  • How does System Earth work with its interactions between rocks, water, organisms and gasses 
  • What are the interactions between the biosphere and geosphere, Darwin’s theory of Evolution, the big extinctions in earth’s history 
  • Man changing the Earth: the Anthropocene as a new geologic period; are we entering a new mass extinction. What is the impact of man and climate on biogeochemical cycles on land and in oceans


Taal Engels
Studiepunten 30 EC
Startdatum 01-09-2019
Faculteit Faculty of Science