Notarieel recht


De bacheloropleiding Notarieel recht omvat 180 studiepunten, verdeeld over drie jaren van elk 60 studiepunten. 


Niveau Bachelor
Taal Nederlands
Duur 3 jaar
Vorm Voltijd en deeltijd
Studiepunten 180 EC
Faculteit Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
Interdepartmental Honours Courses
The interdisciplinary components of the Honours Programme are taught
mainly in the evening by lecturers from Vrije Universiteit, the
University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College, as well as
guest lecturers from the Netherlands and abroad. The classes are small
and you will be expected to give presentations, write papers and make an
active contribution to discussions.

You have to choose at least 12 credits of Interdepartmental honours
courses from the overview of interdepartmental honours courses, as well
as an application form, at:
Naam vak Periode Credits Code
God-Man-World 6EC OH_GMW
Governing Security 6EC OH_GS
Health and Psychosocial Factors in older Persons 6EC OH_HPF
How to survive 2050 6EC OH_HTS
HP UvA: Carte Blanche 6EC OH_UCB
HP UvA: creativiteit 6EC OH_UCREA
HP UvA: Learning Lab 6EC OH_ULL
Labyrint 12EC OH_ULA
Life and Work 6EC OH_LAW
Power and Change 6EC OH_UPC
Religion, Identity, Conflict 6EC OH_RIC
The Roman Empire 6EC OH_TRE
Theories of Consciousness 6EC OH_TOC
Brain and Behavior Semester 1, Semester 2 6EC OH_BAB
Vak nog zonder naam Semester 1, Semester 2 8EC OH_EXT1
Climate Change Semester 2 6EC OH_CC
Illness-Image-Metaphor: Cancer in public discourse Semester 2 6EC OH_IIM
Impact of an Empire Semester 2 6EC OH_IE
Masters of Suspicion (HP UvA) Semester 2 6EC OH_UMS
The Future Entrepreneur Semester 2 6EC OH_FE