Mantle Properties

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Our main aim in this course is to make you appreciate that heat and its
transport provide a fundamental link between processes near the Earth’s
surface (subduction, orogenesis, rifting, dynamic topography), and
processes in the deeper parts of the Earth (including initial
differentiation, convection and partial melting). An additional
practical aim of this course is to start improving your communication
and writing skills.

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In this course we will (1) Provide you with an overview of
what seismology, petrology, and mineral physics tell us about the
properties of and processes in the Earth’s interior; (2) Clarify the
links between heat, pressure, mineral properties, density variations,
and observations including the composition of the Earth’s core, seismic
structure of the mantle, dynamic topography, and melt compositions; (3)
your presentation skills by having you prepare an oral presentation and
a dedicated feedback session.


The course consists of eight half-day lectures that may include
exercises, one separate exercise session, one seminar session, and one
feedback session


The final mark you are given for this course consists of the following
components: (1) Presentation (20%); 1-page abstract (10%); Assignments
(20%); Written exam (50%)

Vereiste voorkennis

Students should have a basic understanding of global geophysics,
mineralogy and petrology, as presented for example in the textbook of
Klein and Philpotts (Earth Materials)


Literature references that are required background reading will be
provided on Canvas at the start of the course.


All Geology and Geochemistry specialization Year 1 students

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Vakcode AM_1211
Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P1
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. W. van Westrenen
Examinator prof. dr. W. van Westrenen
Docenten prof. dr. W. van Westrenen
prof. dr. W.P. Schellart
dr. P.Z. Vroon
prof. dr. G.R. Davies

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