Advanced Geochronology

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Students who attended this course should have gained knowledge and
understanding about
Current developments in high resolution geochronology as applied to
I. the Geological Timescale, and to
II. crustal evolution studies
Analytical and methodological approaches to constrain these processes as
well as the skills to
- Use the acquired knowledge to analyze, compare and explain distinct
- features of processes in which geochronological tools are required.
- Read and critically assess significant literature about these subjects
- Actively participate in group discussions

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- Assessment of the literature, the rock types, mineral assemblages
and their structural features, the isotopic data sets of one well
understood orogen (Case history).
- the use of low- , medium and high-temperature thermochronometers
- Astronomical dating of cyclically bedded sediments.
- tephra chronology
- Intercalibration of the Geological Timescale by applying both.

The skills to use the acquired knowledge will be obtained using a case
study of one orogen (from microscopic observation to the techniques
required to constrain the T- t histories of various domains).


Lectures (6 * 3 u 45 min), assignments /self-study (6 * 4 hrs)


Essay – presentation – poster

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BSc Geology


Selection literature for individual essay and presentation projects to
be announced on Canvas.


1st year MSc Earth Science Solid Earths.

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Course teachers include dr. Klaudia Kuiper, mr. B. Uunk, MSc and dr.
J.M. O’Connor,
University of Erlangen.

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Petrology, structural geology, tectonics courses at the BSc level.

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Vakcode AM_450171
Studiepunten 3 EC
Periode P5
Vakniveau 500
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Faculteit der Bètawetenschappen
Vakcoördinator prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
Examinator prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
Docenten prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
prof. dr. K.F. Kuiper

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