Personality at Work

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The aim of this course is to provide insight in the role of personality
at work. During the course, students will learn about the methods and
instruments used to assess personality in the work context and they will
learn about the effects of personality on several organizational, team,
and individual outcomes.

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During the course, the relevance of personality for several aspects
related to work will be assessed, i.e., career and organizational
choice, selection, assessment, training, cooperation, motivation,
performance, and turnover. A number of topics will be discussed, such
as: the structure of personality and the interpersonal circumplex, the
role of each separate personality dimension in the work context,
personality and professional interests, personality in teams,
personality-organization fit, the dark side of personality, and the role
of intelligence and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Students
will conduct a personality and interests assessment of a fellow student
and will use the assessment to write a formal job suitability report.


Lectures and guest lectures provided by practitioners.
Group presentation and individual assessment assignment.


Exam with 30 MC and 5 open questions.
Assignment: job suitability report based on personality assessment.


Literature will become available through Canvas

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Recommended prior knowledge: Meten & Diagnostiek 3.

Algemene informatie

Studiepunten 6 EC
Periode P2+3
Vakniveau 400
Onderwijstaal Engels
Faculteit Fac. der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetensch.
Vakcoördinator A.J. Barends MSc
Examinator A.J. Barends MSc
Docenten dr. R.E. de Vries
A.J. Barends MSc

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