Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (Research)

Deze opleiding wordt aangeboden in het Engels. Sommige van de omschrijvingen zijn daarom mogelijk alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.

Are you fascinated by human movement and do you want to contribute to unravel its secrets? Do you want to advance your skills to provide answers to timely and urgent research questions? Are you interested in a career in research and development? Then the Research Master’s in Human Movement Sciences is the ideal programme for you!

The Research Master’s Human Movement Sciences is a two-year full-time programme that aims at integrating fundamental scientific research with relevant questions from clinical and sports practice. Grounded in the core themes of the Amsterdam Movement Sciences, the programme includes sport, rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine, with course topics stretching from molecular biology and neuroscience to exercise immunology and motor control. Apart from becoming well versed in these research domains, you will be trained in state-of-the-art research methods and advanced statistics.

The first year is dedicated to preparation for scientific research. The programme provides ample room for personalizing your own track, as we offer a variety of optional courses focusing on, for instance, sport psychology, biomechanics, (clinical) exercise physiology, muscle physiology, coordination dynamics, electromyography or time series analysis. You may specialize in sports or clinical issues, or on more fundamental aspects of human movement. Your second year is reserved for a research project of your own choice, in which you gain hands-on experience in all aspects of scientific research. 


Niveau Master
Taal Engels
Duur 2 jaar
Vorm Voltijd
Studiepunten 120 EC
Faculteit Fac. der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetensch.
Deze opleiding wordt aangeboden in het Engels. Sommige van de omschrijvingen zijn daarom mogelijk alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.
First year research master fundamental and clinical HMS optional courses
Students choose a maximum of 27 EC out of the elective courses.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code
Animal Experiments for Human Movement Sciences Ac. Jaar (sept) 6EC B_ANIMEXP
Concepts in HMS P1 6EC B_CONCEPTS
Energy Flow Models P1 3EC B_ENERFLOW
Maximal Neuromuscular Performance P1 3EC B_MAXNEUR
Topics in Rehabilitation P1 6EC B_TOPICS
Applied Biomechanics P2 6EC B_APPLBIOMEC
Coordination Dynamics: principles and applications P2 6EC B_CLINCORDYN
Perceptual-motor Learning P2 6EC B_PERCML
Training, Aging and Disuse P2 6EC B_TRAD
Clinical Exercise Physiology P3 3EC B_CLINEXERC
3D-Kinematics P4 3EC B_3DKIN
Imaging P4 3EC B_IMAGING
Mechanical and Adaptive Myology P4 3EC B_MECHADMYO
Perception for Action P4 3EC B_PERCACTION
Sport and Performance Dietetics P4 3EC B_SPPDIET
Electromyography P5 3EC B_ELECTROMYO
Entrepreneurship in Human Movement Sciences P5 6EC B_ENTREPREN
Neuromechanics of Movement P5 3EC B_NEUROMECH
Special Topics in Sports Engineering P5 3EC B_SPTOPICS
Time Series Analysis P5 6EC B_TIMESERANA
Second year research master fundamental and clinical HMS obligatory programme
Students can choose to do one Research Internship (60 EC), or do two
internships (a Major internship 36 EC and a minor Internship 24 EC).
Naam vak Periode Credits Code
Research Project Research Master's Ac. Jaar (sept) 60EC B_RIRM